Make Things Better or Make Things New?
Trent Shoemake   -  

Mark 2:18-22

1. Which better defines what’s happening in your life: You’re letting Jesus make you new or 2. You are trying to mix Jesus into your old life?
2. If you could snap your fingers and one aspect of your old life (habits, sin struggles, personality flaws, how something traumatic affected you) would be completely gone, never to be struggled with again, what part of your life would that be?
3. We talked about the difference between a servant and a son. Why is it sometimes more comfortable and natural to relate to God the father as a servant as opposed to His son?
4. The man of God lesson from this story is Jesus didn’t come to make us better, but to make us new. How can you be a man of God, who like Jesus, doesn’t just make things better, but actually make things new?