The Lay Counseling Center

Counseling services at McDonough Christian Church are Biblically based. We believe God never intended for His children to live in their own sufficiency, but in Christ’s sufficiency. For this reason, our Exchanged Life counseling is not about changing a person’s life, but exchanging a self-centered life for a Christ-centered life.

The sessions are conducted by trained Lay Counselors and involve approximately 10 to 12 sessions lasting from one to two hours each. Services are available for individuals, married couples, and for couples with marriage plans. We also counsel youth 14 years and older. The counseling services are a community outreach and are offered free of charge. There is a small charge for materials with the pre-martial counseling. If you feel that our counseling services could help you, please fill in the request form and one of our counselors will contact you within 48 hours to schedule your first session.