The MCC Mission’s Ministry exists to fulfill the great commission given by Jesus Christ to the Church to proclaim the gospel of Christ, make disciples, and relate to the needs of the whole person in our local community and the other side of the world. MCC gives 17% of all tithes to support local and foreign missions. We support local ministries, global missions, campus oriented ministries, local (U.S.) church planting, and Christian camps.  We invite you to join us in prayer, support and visiting our mission partners.

How Can We Help? | pray. support. volunteer. participate. serve.

  • Pray | for our missionaries and organizations that God will encourage them in their service, that they will receive the support they need to serve and that they will grow in the Lord.
  • Pray | for the countries and people being ministered to, that they will be open to receiving the good news of Jesus Christ.
  • Financially support | them through your tithe at MCC or by directly making an additional financial gift to a specific ministry.
  • Volunteer | at one of the local ministries partners that we support.
  • Participate | in a short-term mission trip to serve and encourage one of our mission teams.
  • Serve | on the Missions Leadership Team – this involves monthly meetings, leading short-term trips and corresponding with our mission teams.

Local Partnerships

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”Matthew 22:39

Every day we touch lives. Whether it is someone who is part of the family of God or whether it is someone who is outside the family of God, our goal is to demonstrate God’s love and good will by leading others into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ; to minister the healing power of Christ to the total person; and to train believers as effective ministers to the church and to the lost

Global Partnerships

“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”Matthew 28.19

All believers are commissioned by Jesus Christ to share the good news of His saving grace to people around the world. What an honor it is for us to send laborers into the fields to reap this harvest. From our backyard to the far reaches of the earth, we support this work with our resources and prayers to lost and hurting people.