MCC Primetimers is a senior adult ministry of McDonough Christian Church.  The objective of this ministry is to reach across multiple “generations” of age groups.  MCC Primetimers would like to reach not only the members of our congregation, but also reach out to the community.  Ministries of this group include…

  • Spiritual Enrichment | Opportunities include Sunday morning campus groups, community groups, Wednesday night programs, and Wednesday morning Bible study.
  • Learning Opportunities | Integration of a wide variety of possibilities into the social and service ministries as appropriate.
  • Socialization | Monthly activities scheduled including day trips, activities at church, and, perhaps, an overnight trip in the spring and fall.
  • Service Opportunities | Volunteer service within the church and community.  Suggestions are welcome!
  • Needed Services | Helping each other.  No one shall be “out-of-sight, out-of-mind”.  Therefore, we will work together on how to identify and fulfill the need.

We want to get to know you | connections form

If you would like to participate with the MCC Primetimers, please fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.  You will be added to our email list for newsletters for upcoming events.  If you don’t have email, you will receive this information via mail.