Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day will be here before you know it…in three days to be exact! Not sure what to get your dad this year? Here are 10 gift ideas (mostly from Amazon to ensure they’ll get here quick!) that he will be sure to love.



Wireless Charging Station

Help your dad charge all of his gadgets in one place!







Cooling Weighted Blanket

Comfy and cool to help ensure a great night’s rest!






Beef Jerky Subscription Box

It’s beef jerky! How could you go wrong?










Magnetic Wristband

Help him never lose another drill bit, tip, screw, washer, or nail ever again!







Punderdome Game

Dads and puns…the perfect combo.









Hot Dog Toaster

Honestly, we can’t think of a more genius invention.







Bug Zapper

Help your dad feel like as a boss as he “protects” your family from life-threatening flies.







Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

Help your dad charge his phone, chord free! (This only works with phones with magsafe technology)








Omaha Steaks Box

The description of the box says it all—The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift with FREE Bacon.








Bluetooth Shower Speaker

This takes singing in the shower to the next level.