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Talking to our kids about sex doesn’t have to be weird, awkward, or daunting. And it’s not just one “talk” but an ongoing conversation. “Parents, you must understand this principle: the first one to speak to your kids about sex sets the bar and owns the conversation. For this reason, be the first to talk to your kids. . . and talk about biblical sexuality.” -Walt Mueller. Here are some resources to help.

We Need to Talk by Adam Mearse

How to talk to your kids about sex (with as little awkwardness as possible)
This article by Kara Powell spells out 4 things to keep in mind when discussing sexuality with your teen.

A Parent’s Guide to Sex and Dating by Mark Oestreicher

XXXchurch Accountability Software | x3watch is a service that enables teens to have accountability of where they go online by sending reports to a selected accountability partner or parent.

Sexual Integrity Phase Life Map | Guarding my potential for intimacy through appropriate boundaries and mutual respect