New Sermon Series


In a culture where truth is relative and has no value or place in society, God desires for us to cling to His truth and calls us contend for the faith, the same faith that has shaped the Church for 2,000 years.  Join us as we explore the New Testament letter of Jude and learn how we can contend for God’s truth together!

Week 1 – “Hey, Jude!” – Jude reminds us that we are called, loved by God, and kept by Jesus, and so we can confidently fight for God’s truth.

Week 2 – “The End of the World As We Know It” – Jude warns us that following false teaching of this world always leads to immorality and destruction. 

Week 3 – “Livin’ on a Prayer” – To combat the false teachings of this world, Jude exhorts us to rely on the power of God’s love and His Spirit.  

Week 4 – “I’ve Got the Power!” – God gives us the power to remain in His truth, and to help snatch others from the dangers of false teachings.


Author: mccreach

Everything we do at McDonough Christian Church has one purpose: to develop devoted followers of Jesus. Our ministries are designed to REACH out and draw people closer to Christ that they may surrender their lives and enter into relationships where they continually LOVE, IMITATE, and DUPLICATE Him. We believe this best happens when people experience a relational environment of community, just as Jesus did with His own disciples.

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