August Sermon Series


We invite you to join us this August as we explore what parenting is all about from God’s perspective.  Parenting is a joyful yet challenging journey, and as members of a Jesus-following community of faith, raising and investing in the next generation is something we are all called to do.

Week 1 – Parenting is a Team Sport!

Week 2 – Parenting is For Life!

Week 3 – Parenting is Not For Sissies!

Week 4 – Parenting is Worth It!

Author: mccreach

Everything we do at McDonough Christian Church has one purpose: to develop devoted followers of Jesus. Our ministries are designed to REACH out and draw people closer to Christ that they may surrender their lives and enter into relationships where they continually LOVE, IMITATE, and DUPLICATE Him. We believe this best happens when people experience a relational environment of community, just as Jesus did with His own disciples.

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